Common Libraries: Project Update

We posted about our work to Prototype Library Enterprises with Essex Libraries back in December, and following a period of time devoted to Project Concept development, prepared a background paper exploring the scope to establish a ‘Drone Pilot License and Loan Scheme’ for Council colleagues. Today, we’re delighted to announce that we will continue working with Essex Libraries over the coming months to engage prospective users in the design of a ‘Drone Pilot License and Loan Scheme’, before moving to prototype activities in practical settings.

In the interim, we thought we’d share our thinking and learning to date in response to interest from a number of organisations who might want to explore partnering with us to grow any resultant scheme and/or pursue something comparable in their own right:

  1. Towards a Drone Loan Scheme: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads!
  2. Rationale for a Drone Loan Scheme in Public Libraries
  3. Drone Loans Options Appraisal: the Opportunities
  4. Suggested Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives
  5. The Art of the Possible: How to Get a Drone Loan Scheme ‘Off the Ground’

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