Hack the Lounge! Deptford – 14.03.15

Deptford - Maker Box DisplayDeptford is a creative, vibrant community with a strong artistic population. Deptford Lounge is an award-winning community hub at the heart of Deptford and part of a wider regeneration of the area.

Since opening in January 2012, there have been a range of projects that build on this creative neighbourhood. From being a venue for Deptford X, a contemporary visual art festival to celebrating the diversity of the community through Ni Hao Deptford! collaborating with the Vietnamese community, Deptford Lounge is more than a library.

We want to build on this success and to continue to experiment with our offer. Maker instructions and kits are an opportunity to test how customers engage with library user-produced knowledge and what they consider a library space to be.

We have invited a range of local partners to join us to Hack the Lounge. We see this as an opportunity to bring the community together, share and swap skills and knowledge and generally have fun! We have decided to theme the day around graphic novels, film and music. We are ambitiously going to create a giant comic strip that people add to throughout the day.

Plus there will be film and music editing and the sharing of a project bringing together digital and local heritage.

Building on the creative nature of Deptford, the National Library Science Experiment is an opportunity for library spaces to continue to engage with the skills, knowledge and experience of the local community.

Join us on Saturday 14th March, 11am-3pm at Deptford Lounge.

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